Nuovo Original Product Lines

Nuovo parts are designed and built with the same attention to quality and authenticity as your Nuovo Pignone machine. We believe by using only genuine spare parts; optimal performance, quality, and safety are achieved. Nuovo is a dedicated supplier for all Nuovo Pignone name plate parts within North America for the below product groups:

BH | Nuovo Pignone Reciprocating and Hyper Compressors

Baker Hughes API primary reciprocating compressor and hypercompressor: Baker Hughes, Nuovo Pignone reciprocating technology is designed for easy maintenance to minimize lifecycle cost.

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BH | Nuovo Pignone Centrifugal and Axial Compressors

With over 5,000 Baker Hughes units installed worldwide since 1960. BH compression technologies revolutionized large LNG in the 1990s, and continues to invent, and evolve energy forward.

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BH | Nuovo Pignone Steam Turbines

Baker Hughes, Nuovo Pignone steam turbines draw their high efficiency and reliability from decades leading technology development and proven in-field experience of our multiple steam and gas turbine lines.

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BH | Nuovo Pignone PVS Pumps, Valves, and Systems

With a design heritage dating back to 1959, Baker Hughes centrifugal pumps are well proven in power generation, oil and gas, and industrial applications around the world.

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Baker Hughes Lufkin & Allen Gears provide reliable power transmission technologies and services to solve the unique needs of every application across industry segments.


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Peroni Pompe, designing and manufacturing Reciprocating Pumps for oil & gas and process applications since 1895.

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CST acts as Nuovo’s High-tech Design and Maintenance Engineering partner. Providing 50+ years’ experience in the field of rotating machinery for gas compression and drivers.

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The goal of Nuovo has always been to exceed customers’ expectations in terms of quality and service. By investment and strategic partnerships in solid engineering expertise, we can provide encompassing asset management for all API 610, 612, 616, 617 and 618 rotating equipment.

Partner Product Lines

Spare parts are more than SKUs in a warehouse, they are the currency of good machine health. Without them, operators are forced to solve problems in dramatic ways. Nuovo views the logistics and services associated with parts as every bit as important as the repair philosophy and manpower required to solve problems. Parts Services is our core passion at Nuovo, which allows our clients to focus on executing their business objectives. 

Curflo Pumps are designed, tested & manufactured in the USA, They are a premier manufacturer of aftermarket ANSI B73.1 pumps and parts.

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Simflo pumps consistently and dependably deliver the performance to keep your operation moving.

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Baker Hughes Surface Pumping Systems offers comprehensive pumping solutions for wide-ranging applications.

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Cozzani provides a complete line of valves for reciprocating compressors. Designed and manufactured in Italy over the past 75 years. 

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Miba Bearings Group provides flexible and tailored solutions for engine and industrial bearing applications and production.

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Voith drive and control systems have a proven reliability track record within oil, gas, chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Designed & Manufactured in Italy Franco Tosi Meccanica is known for high quality and reliability in the world of power generation. Providing custom applications for steam and hydraulic turbines.

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